, in partnership with SKILLDOM is a Multi Award winning & leading Online Resource Curriculum running in more than 16,000 schools worldwide across 64 countries. SKILLDOM is the exclusive partner for EducationCity in the Indian Subcontinent. By providing interactive materials, EducationCity makes learning fun and can add value to your school for both in-class teaching, Learning, Assessment, Practice and same for students at home.

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The resource is modular, offering English, Maths, Science, Foreign Languages (Spanish & French) and Learn English to pupils aged 3 to 12. Schools including mainstream Pre-Primary, Primary Schools and Special Schools use it regularly with children. It is also friendly for children for whom English is a second language.

Key Highlights

  • 99% schools recommend to another school year over year (as per our customer satisfaction survey 2013).
  • Recommended and used by top Cambridge, Oxford, IB schools across the globe.
  • Implemented in 60% of UK British CIE, IB Schools. Our list of schools include world renowned GEMS (UAE) and leading schools across the globe.
  • Now in CBSE, CBSE I, IGCSE, ICSE Curriculum Mapping.
  • encompasses the Student, Teacher and Parent. SAFE SECURE & CHILD FRIENDLY.
  • Interactive, fully animated activities.
  • Personalized Learning perfect for differentiation and lesson planning.
  • Critical Thinking tools & Progress Tracking automatically mark and record.
  • Accessible Anytime, Anywhere both in Classroom (Whiteboard, Computer Lab) and from Home (on Tablet, iPad or Home Computer) .
  • Parents have complete access to the resources what a teacher uses at school. So parents are fully aware of their child’s progress using reports and brings transparency.

In India some of the leading schools benefiting from us are

And Many More... is the ‘future of curriculum content’ for teachers, parents and children across the globe.

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