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Corporate Social Responsibility

SKILLDOM strongly believes that an organization’s ethical responsibilities do not end at the door of the factory or office building. Companies are citizens of the communities where they do business. Every organization bears social obligations to the community that provides the environment for the organization’s existence and growth.

SKILLDOM works towards the cause of education for all as it is one of the building blocks of any nation. As part of our corporate social responsibility initiative, we believe in contributing to the underprivileged by supporting educational initiatives. The company currently contributes a share from its profits towards CSR initiatives. Amongst other initiatives, SKILLDOM also supports needy senior citizens with their necessities.

At a personal level, the Directors of the company have taken the initiative to help the society in the field of education. Praveen works with students to help them sketch a growth chart and provides them with a vision to achieve their goals.

On the other hand, Ebrahim is a Trustee with a Higher Education Trust that works to support students financially. Outside business hours, Ebrahim spends his time in providing educational counseling and funding for students. In addition, as an entrepreneur himself, he works actively with budding entrepreneurs and helps them with funding to grow their business.

As an organization, SKILLDOM endorses the services provided by Sevalaya, a registered charitable Trust. It is managed by a Board of Trustees, who have a deep-drawn commitment to social development.

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